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2018 brought us rainbow unicorns, number- and letter-balloons, Millenial Pink, photo booths, nature backdrops, and gender-reveal parties. What trends will continue into the new year? Whether you will be hosting a fundraiser, birthday party, wedding, graduation, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, these are the popular details trending for 2019.

1.Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

Meat! Cheese! Fruit! What's not to like? Charcuterie has emerged as the social food of choice for parties- but with a twist. Event planners are taking the French classic and serving selections on mini platters (marble, wood, high-gloss plates) at individual place settings as well as elaborate charcuterie trays at the center of all the action. A social food, charcuterie makes any event seem more intimate.

2.Curvy Tables

Curvy Tables

Gone are the days of 8' table rounds polka-dotting the reception hall. Trendsetters have replaced the classic circle with long, curvy tables. This fresh shape can aid room flow and add decorative flair. They make quite the statement. A new take on group dining, these tables add interest and a touch of glamour

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3.Llamas are In! (...Sorry, Unicorns)

Llamas are In!
(...Sorry, Unicorns)

Whether hosting an energetic elementary school fundraiser or your niece's 10th birthday, the cool kids all know that llamas rock! While 2018 was all undoubtedly the unicorns moment to shine, this year is all about cute and cuddly llamas. True, they are creatures known for spitting, but trendsetters don't seem to care- the sweet smiles, banana-shaped ears, and mischievous smiles are popping up everywhere. From home decor to party themes, prepare for the llama invasion!

4.Drapery-Defined Spaces

Drapery-Defined Spaces

For years, curtains have been used as clean backdrops and stylish canvases for a variety of events. Whether hiding unappealing vistas or even the built-in decor of the party space, drapery is nothing new. However, curtains are no longer relegated to disguising blemishes but instead are being used to define spaces for the gathering. Draping fabrics can define private seating areas, add ambiance to dinner space, or create grand entrances. These curtained environments can also direct the flow of traffic.

Photo Courtesy of Brides

5.Grown-Up Balloons

Grown-Up Balloons

Balloon displays are filling the air during trendy events. Once reserved for childhood birthday parties, balloons have evolved and are making a big impact on event design. Adding color, creating a main focal point, shaped into designs, balloons are a fresh way to transform a space. Try arranging in groups across the ceiling for a cloud-like effect. Add to floral arrangements for a quirky take on traditional decoration. Cluster around columns to soften the space.

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